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Affordable Bookkeeping & Administrative Services 

Ready to Work On Your Business Growth? 

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Hi, I'm Denise Peters,
Bookkeeper and Administrative Support Professional

I bring to you many years experience working in various industries from the Administrative Support, HR and Accounting Roles. 


I'd love to help you organize and grow your business.  

What Can I Do For You?

Check Out The Many Services I Can Provide For Your Business

Administrative Support

Administrative Assistants handle routine and advanced duties for other professionals.

From document & spreadsheet creation to answering your calls this service may be a life savor.  

Bookkeeping Services

I understand that it takes time, effort and funds to grow your business.  Many times small business owners try to do it all because we think we "have to". 


But in actuality if you outsource certain parts of your business such as bookkeeping to a professional you will have time to then focus on growing your business and not get stuck in the every day tasks that take time and pull your attention.  

Project Management

Projects are only as good as the schedules and budgets they keep.

Proficient in project management and time management.  Have a project to complete in a timely manner?  Let's have a conversation.

Social Media Management

I have helped well over 300+ businesses expand their social media reach all the while expanding their brand presence.

I will help you understand which social platform can help your brand be seen to get the most engagement.  Best of all, I will do the social postings for you!

Investment Property Bookkeeping and Management

When managing a portfolio of rental properties, you will want to ask yourself some of the following questions: how will you manage the constant flow of rent checks, management fees and maintenance invoices?


How do you know which of your properties are eating into your profits?


Staying on top of your bookkeeping is the solution to safeguarding your business and maximizing your financial performance



Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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